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Describing People's Appearance & Personality-FREE

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At a higher intermediate level and above, this course widely expands your vocabulary and expressions in order to describe people's physical appearance and personality in Modern Standard Arabic. In the paid version you get the downloadable PDFs. *This free version of the course does not provide the PDFs. Module 1: •How to say: a person / an individual, personality, people, human, humans...,general personality traits, skin color, hair, body type, eye color and size, having a beard or mustache, wears glasses... Module 2: •Various expressions using the word “qalb” or “heart”, which describe personality in Arabic. Module 3: •Adjectives and expressions to describe someone as: smart, genius, gullible, ridiculous, silly, stupid, idiot, pathetic, funny, likeable, annoying, etc. Module 4: •Adjectives and expressions to describe someone as: selfish, arrogant, vulgar, wicked, low, etc. Module 5: •Adjectives and expressions to describe someone as: polite versus impolite, calm versus easily agitated, and peaceful versus a troublemaker. Module 6: •Adjectives and expressions to describe someone as: introverted, extroverted, social, extremist, openminded, optimistic, pessimistic, spontaneous, sensitive, spoilt, pampered, nosey, affectionate... Module 7: •Adjectives that describe work aptitude: Hard-working, persistent, energetic, lazy, practical, a natural leader, cautious, rash, etc. At the end of the course •Practice Suggestions

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