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Arabic Short Stories with English Translation and Subtitles in PDF

Updated: May 31, 2022

Free Online Arabic Short Stories for PDF Download with video lessons, Stage 1, Children and Beginners

Free Arabic reading Comprehension for PDF Download with English translation and video lesson, A2 B1 Level

The following are all stories that I have personally put together and produced, also available for free direct download + YouTube videos of these stories included (Note: no selling or altering of material allowed or relisting on another website without permission. Just click on the pictures or underlined descriptions to download).

P.S: Now you can purchase my collection of five bilingual short stories in Arabic and English, from Amazon, as eBook or paperbook.

"I Love My Mommy" or "أحب أمي" is a short illustrated Arabic story in PDF format for beginners who are young at heart or kids in PDF format. It uses simple phrases to include every day action verbs and common phrases in Arabic. It also makes a sweet bedtime story for little ones, with Arabic learning as a main goal. The pictures are filled with interesting objects that can also encourage questions and engage interest to learn new vocabulary.

The story is about a small spider who loves to climb up to the rooftop; however, every season brings a different challenge and causes him to fall down to the ground. Despite the misfortune, he is still determined to go up and hang around his favorite spot, at the rooftop. The plot takes the reader from one season to another, and one challenge to another. The language is simple, with important vocabulary, relevant to the subject of the seasons and weather; and the images are cheerful and entertaining.

Sousa is a short illustrated Arabic story about looking after teeth, "Sousa" (meaning tooth cavity). Sousa digs up a home for herself and her friends in Jad's mouth, a child who does not listen to his mom and regularly brush his teeth. But what will happen to Sousa when Jad visits the dentist? Find out more in the entertaining story.

"Ali Baba and Meshmosh" is inspired by the original Ali Baba fairy tale, and made into a simple, short and sweet story, suitable for beginners learning Arabic language or small children. It is colorful and has simple yet entertaining illustrations, and comes in a PDF format, so you can easily download, read or print. It has English translation and Arabic pronunciation guides. (Just click here or on the picture to open or click anywhere on this line to save the file).

Arabic Short Story and Video "Journey of a Caterpillar":

Story & A1 Arabic Revision Lesson رِحْلَةُ يَرَقَة

This story is about the journey and transformation of a caterpillar to a butterfly. In this journey, which brings to mind the famous "The Hungry Caterpillar", world renowned story, the caterpillar meets a different insect friend each day, and they eat different foods. What you will learn from this story and video lesson:

  • Revision through Arabic level 1, in a short Arabic story with English translation and full explanation.

  • Different insect names in Arabic.

  • Speaking about the weather.

  • Describing pain and sickness symptoms.

  • Different food names in Arabic and how to say: a slice, a piece...

  • Using verb to come.

  • Using verb to be/not to be, to become/not to become.

  • The difference between verb forms I and VIII (1 and 8).

  • Counting (gender disagreement and ordinal numbers).

  • Using the dual form, and much more.

Snippets from the story:


The free Arabic PDF workbook has various activities, such as: puzzle, matching, tracing, coloring and sorting. There is also a short story that showcases various domestics and wild animals, also gently introducing grammar points such as negation and asking questions. There is also an information page about the difference between domestic and wild animals. The story and information page are both provided with English translation.

Step into ancient Arabic times with a story from true Arabic folklore. Al-Jahiz (776-869) was one of the greatest Arabic writers and poets of all time. He was also able to make beautiful literature with unique vigor and humor. "The Book of Misers" is a true comical masterpiece, and one of the earliest works of fiction from the Islamic era.

Generosity is a principle virtue for Arabs, and thus his satire on miserliness has a special social purpose, whereby he ridicules both individuals and groups such as schoolmasters, singers or scribes. In addition, there is much incidental detail about traditional culture and conduct. It will appeal to the modern reader for its comical power, sometimes covert and sometimes straight-faced, which remains undiminished 1100 years after it was written.

The story is taken from the book, and is read in Arabic and English at first, then it is explained word by word. Some grammar and comprehension is taught along the way, making learning Arabic seamless and fun. You can also test your knowledge at the end. CLICK HERE TO GO TO YOUTUBE DIRECTLY.

The guide is user friendly, and comes in the form of a short story in Arabic with simple narration. Most importantly, it shows the use of the demonstrated vocabulary in brief and meaningful sentences. So, not only you will learn new words, but you will also understand their meaning in context, and perhaps learn some new sentences too.

For each room there is a step by step explanation for the main items, with short useful sentences in Arabic. This is then followed by a visual map, summing up all the items in the room, for easy reference.

Watch the YouTube Video with explanation, English translation and transliteration:

This next story مَعمَل الصّابون is about a group of students who visit a soap factory. It's clearly read out in a slow pace in Arabic and then explained in detail, sentence by sentence. There is also an explanation of context and grammar, as well as additional relevant information, such as synonyms, conversational usage or grammatical rules. By the end of the story you will also be able to check your understanding by answering some questions. There is also a list of vocabulary in the singular and plural forms. First watch the video: CLICK HERE TO GO TO YOUTUBE DIRECTLY.


A selection of short reading texts and stories in Arabic, with English translation of key words, as well as various comprehension questions to check your understanding:. Before downloading the free file, check out the video lessons to help you learn the stories and understand the meaning of each word!

Free Arabic Reading Comprehension Workbook eBook for beginners.
Free Arabic Reading Comprehension Workbook eBook for beginners.

Arabic Reading Comprehension-learning-arabic-with-angela
Download PDF • 8.10MB

Note: Kindly no selling or altering of material allowed or relisting on another website without written permission.

Free Onlinearabic-short-stories-for-PDF-pdf-download-stage-1,-children-and-beginners
Free Online Arabic Short Stories for PDF Download, Stage 1, Children and Beginners

In addition, I have spoken in a previous post about "", an online digital library and platform, which aims to provide: " quality, cost-efficient, trackable resources for reading in Arabic for kids. Along with a wealth of aiding materials, resources & worksheets for teachers to use in the classroom. With leveled content, based on the latest research in child Arabic literacy education." "" is my preferred personal choice so far, as you can access the stories online or through a downloadable smart phone app.

The following set of books are also 100% free and downloadable in PDF format from SCRIBD. They are suitable for age six to seven (6-7).

Set_01_Book_01 أنا وأخي

Set_01_Book_02 هدايا العيد

Set_01_Book_03 يحيا العدل

Set_01_Book_04 كنز الثعالب

Set_01_Book_05 إنها زهرة واحدة

Set_01_Book_06 كل زهرة بثلاث

Set_01_Book_07 الأسد والثيران الثلاثة

Set_01_Book_08 العملاق الشقي وملك الأقزام

Set_01_Book_09 حاولي أن تقرئي

Set_01_Book_10 حمودة والمارد الصغير

Click here to go to the dedicated playlist for learning Arabic through stories (English translation included, downloadable PDFs, and reading comprehension + grammar exercises). Don't forget to Like and Subscribe to get notified about any new uploaded videos..

I hope all of the short stories and videos were useful and enjoyable at the same time!

(When sharing, please always share from the blog post link and mention the source. I spend hours designing and creating all this free content, just because I love Arabic language and want to make it free and accessible to all. I do not sell or endorse any products! The only way to say thank you is by following me back on social media or sharing considerably, by mentioning the name and website/ Facebook address.)

Enjoy the free downloads and lessons. For more free Arabic learning and reading resources, check out our Stories and Downloads pages. Don't miss out on any new additions and free resources, subscribe to the blog (click subscribe from the main menu). And stay tuned by Liking our Facebook Page. It's the best way to stay in touch! You can also subscribe and watch my videos on YouTube, including short stories with explanation, one minute learning, and others!

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