Fun Ways of Teaching Colors in Arabic for Kids (+ a Free PDF E-book with Worksheets for Download)

Updated: Aug 23, 2019

After learning the Arabic alphabet, I thought Angela was ready for the next step, which is learning colors. I was so proud of how well she was doing so far . She was showing more interest in Arabic. She was also watching more Arabic kids videos on YouTube and making an effort to use Arabic words.

I had been thinking of an interesting way to get her to know the names of the colors in Arabic. We have been watching for a while some videos with catchy tunes, our favorite being كليب الالوان colors | قناة كراميش Karameesh Tv. So, I thought we'd make use of this interesting video to play "Find the Color" game.

I collected some toys and objects, which were readily available (didn't give it much thought really). They resembled the colors sung in the video. I laid them in a bundle on the floor, and asked Angela to remove the objects one by one, in accordance to the color being called out in the song as it played. Needless to say, she had so much fun.

Getting ready to play the colors game.

After a few attempts, where obviously she made some mistakes and pronounced them awkwardly, I asked her to give her back to the television screen. She now had to play the game without looking at the screen. She did cheat a bit :). And by the way, they do say the color names in English too in the video. I didn't mind that, as long as she was learning and enjoying herself at the same time.

After that, I thought to take the game outside. The rain had stopped and the sun was shining bright in the garden. I had already planned in my head another fun game. There were a few colorful things in the garden. I added a few more to play "Find the Color" game again. We used things like her blue doll stroller, the pink rocking pony, the green grass, the black umbrella.... Who said learning can't be fun.

The next day I started browsing online for Arabic colors worksheets. I needed something that would display the color, the Arabic word for it, and a simple drawing for the child to color. I could not really find what I want. Mostly it was just colors and their names, with no activities for the child. So I decided to make my own. I used PowerPoint and Word to create beautiful and simple worksheets. You can save them from the gallery below or