How do I learn Arabic?

All you need to know and plan your leaning, including a FREE editable electronic Arabic language learning reflective journal / instant PDF download. + Join my upcoming online course for breakthrough beginners for free!

No journey is successful without a clear plan. Although any Arabic learning course or foreign language course in general, whether online or in person, has general goals, it is important that you align and set your personal ones too, corresponding to your own abilities, needs and wants. This will help you continue and expand your learning beyond the classroom and long-term. Self-learning and development is an important skill that I strive to foster and support in my classrooms.

Importance of Journaling:

The attached Arabic learning reflection journal, will help you set individual goals. There are sample examples that will assist you in writing your own, with enough pages to go for a long time. The book can be printed or filled digitally by editing and writing in the text boxes. After each lesson you can add entries, for example, or you could add weekly reflections.

Taking ownership of your learning and using the SMART goal setting technique when it comes language acquisition. Moreover, journaling your progress can be helpful.

Assessing Your Current Situation & Understanding the Various Language Levels:

Before going ahead with your SMART goals, you need to assess your current situation, in terms of your current level of knowledge (perhaps taking a free online Arabic language level assessment / Click to check), specific learning needs and wants, and any obstacles facing your learning. If you are attending a course, this will most likely be discussed and facilitated by your teacher. For that reason, it is also important to be realistic and have an idea about the different language levels that one progres