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The Human Life Cycle in Arabic

Updated: Sep 18, 2019

In this blog post we will go over the main stages of the human life, key vocabulary and some example sentences in Arabic. This way, you will not only improve your vocabulary, but also learn some ways of using them in a sentence. I have also added a very popular short poetry verse, related to the subject of aging.

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Let's start!

مَراحِلُ عُمْرِ الإِنْسان

[Maraahilu ‘Umri Al-insaan] The Human Life Cycle

الرِّضاعَة/ المَهْد

[Ar-ridaa’aa/ Al-mahd]


إنَّهُ طِفْلٌ رَضيع.

[Innahu tiflun radee’.]

He is a an infant.




هَذِهِ طِفْلَةٌ صَغيرةٌ وبريئة.

[Hazihi tiflatun sagheeratun wa baree’a.]

This is a small and innocent child.




مَرْحَلَةُ المُراهَقَةِ صَعْبَةٌ وحسَّاسة.

[Marhalatu al-muraahaqati sa’batun wa hassaasa.]

The teenage stage is difficult and sensitive.




الشَّبابُ مَرْحَلَةُ البِناءِ والإِنْتاج.

[Ash-shabaabu marhalatu al-intaaji wa-al-binaa’.]

Youth is the stage of development and production.

مُنْتَصَفُ العُمْر

[Montasafu Al-’umr]

Middle Age

تَبدَأُ أَزْمَةُ مُنْتَصَفِ العُمْرِ في سِنِّ الأَرْبَعين.

[Tabdau’ azmatu muntasafi al-’umr fee sinni al-arba’een]

The midlife crisis starts at the age of forty.



Old Age

يَجِبُ أَنْ يَحْظى المُسِنُّ بِالإِحْتِرام.

[Yajibu an yahza al-musinnu bi-al-ihtiraam.]

An old person should be respected.

"ألا لَيْتَ الشَّبابَ يَعودُ يَوْماً، فَأُخْبِرَهُ بِما فَعَلَ المَشيبُ."

[Alaa layta ash-shabaaba ya’uodu yawman, fa-ukhbiruhu bi-maa fa’ala al-masheebu]

“If only youth may come back a day, so I may lament to it what the grayness (old age) has done.”

The Human Life Cycle, Summary

I hope the lesson was useful and enjoyable at the same time!

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