"At the Coffee Shop" in Arabic

Updated: Dec 29, 2019

At the Coffee Shop vocabulary and phrases, eBook + Practice Workbook and Grammar notes (3 in 1) + VIDEO on YouTube.

This lesson will help introduce you to some vocabulary and phrases related to the coffee shop topic in Arabic. You will learn some key phrases and words about: ordering coffee, tea, water, a piece of cake, a cheese sandwich...; as well as describing how you would like your coffee: with or without milk, with or without sugar, with cream... Not forgetting about polite and courteous phrases in Arabic.

Moreover, in this video there is some grammar explanation, as basic as possible, in relation to the word or phrase explained. You can download the eBook, which also has a section at the end to practice and check your knowledge, including grammatical rules and tips; as well as external links for further study and reference (CLICK HERE to download).

Watch the lesson in video and listen to the pronunciation. (Click here to got to YouTube externally).

Click HERE to download the lesson's PDF book.