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"Birthday Party" Vocabulary and Phrases in Arabic

Updated: Aug 23, 2019

In this lesson, you will learn some useful vocabulary and short meaningful sentences about birthday party topic in Arabic. The short learning story is about a girl who invites you to her birthday (English subtitles/ translation and transcription provided in the content). What would she say in Arabic to invite you as a guest to her birthday party? How would she thank you for coming to her party? How would she invite you to have some party food or dance? And finally, how would she thank you for showing up, hoping you had a pleasant time?

Before we start, you can watch the whole story as a YouTube video, below, or Click here.

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Let's start!

حفْلةُ عيدِ الميلاد

“Haflatu Eidi l-meelaad”

The Birthday Party

بطاقةُ دعْوة

Bitaakatu Da’wa


أنْتَ مدْعُوٌّ إلى حفْلةِ عيدِ ميلادي.

Anta mad’uwwun ila haflati ‘eidi meelaadee.

You are invited to my birthday party.

الحفْلةُ عِنْد السّاعةِ السّادِسةِ مساءً.

Al-haflatu ‘inda s-saa’ati s-saadisati masaa’an.

The party is at six p.m.

أنْتظِرُكَ بِفارِغِ الصّبر.

Antaziruka bi-faarighi s-sabr.

I am keenly awaiting you.

حفْلةُ عيدِ الميلاد

Haflatu ‘eidi l-meelaad

The birthday party

يسُرُّني مجيئُكَ.

Yasurrunee majee’uka.

I am glad you came.

إليكَ قبَّعةً ومِزماراً.

Ilayka qubba’atan wa mizmaaran.

Here’s a hat and a whistle.

تناولْ بعْض الحلوى والمُعجّنات.

Tanaawal ba’da l-halwa wa l-mu’ajjanaat.

Have some sweets and pastry.

حانَ وقْتُ الرّقْص.

Haana waqtu r-raqs.

It’s time to dance.

إنضمَّ إليْنا وشارِكْنا.

Indamma ilaynaa wa shaariknaa.

Join us and participate.

سنقومُ بِتقْطيعِ قالبِ الحلْوى الآن.

Sa-naqoumu bi-taqtee’i qaalabi l-halwa l-’aan.

We’re going to cut the cake now.

أوّلاً، تمنّيْ أُمْنِية.

Awwalan, tamannay Umniya.

First, make a wish.

والآن، أطْفِئي الشُّموع.

Wa l-aan atfi’ee sh-shumou’.

And now, blow the candles.

كلَّ عامٍ وأنْتِ بِخيْر.

Kulla ‘aamin wa anti bi-khayr.

(Note: use "anta" for male)

Happy Birthday.

أتمنّى أنْ تكونَ أمْضيْتَ وقْتاً مٌمْتِعاً.

Atamanna an takouna amdayta waqtan mumti’an.

I hope you had an enjoyable time.

وشُكْراً على الهدِيَة.

Wa shukran ‘ala l-hadiyya.

And thank you for the present.

معَ السّلامة.

Ma’a s-salaama.


I hope the lesson was useful and enjoyable at the same time!

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