Directions, Location, Places, Countries, and Names of Continents in Arabic

Learn to ask and give directions in Arabic (prepositions and adverbials of location and place), as well as common names of places in Arabic, Real life scenarios and conversational pracrise using maps; plus North, South, East and West, countries and names of continents in Arabic.

In this comprehensive lesson, you will learn about : Describing the location of an item in Arabic in a fun way. Help me find the lost luggage in the "Lost Property" in the airport. At the same time, learn important adverbials and nouns used for location. Next, let's learn about asking and giving directions in a practical way. We will go through a conversation between two people speaking about a street and where everything is in this street, You will also be trying to give directions on a map and learning important names of places in Arabic: restaurant, police station, train station, library, shopping centre, airport, etc; as well as giving direction using an airport map and learning about: duty free, gate, prayer room, departures, arrivals, etc. Finally, you will learn about North, South, East and West, as well as the names of continents in Arabic.


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Snippets from the lesson:

You have to watch the video to understand how it all falls within practical context. I've also provided some brain friendly tricks to recall some vocabulary. You can also look at the various examples provided in the pictures below. I higly recommend you view the lesson, as it's explained in a super easy way!