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"Luck, Lucky and Unlucky" Vocabulary and Phrases in Arabic

All you need to know about the interesting topic of luck and its relevant vocabulary in Arabic Language!

In Arabic, ḩaz̧z̧ حظّ means luck. It also has other synonyms: الحَظّ= النَّصيب؛ البَخْت؛ السَّعد [Al-ḩaz̧z̧= An-naşīb; Al-bakht; As-saʻd] Luck; Fortune

Did you know that يانصيب [Yanasīb] means: "lottery" in Arabic; Yanasīb= Yā يا (Vocative Particle: Oh) + nasīb (luck)= Literally meaning Oh Luck!

*You can also say: [ḩaz̧z̧an muwaffaqan] حظّاً مُوَفَّقاً or بِالتَّوْفيق [bit-tawfīq] Good luck/ All the best.

Here are some other examples too, with (literal) translation:

أطيب الأماني Ațyab al-'amānī

Best wishes مع أطيب التّمنّيات Ma' ațyab at-tamanniyāt (With) best wishes

تمنِّياتي لك ب.... Tamanniyātī laka bi (...My wished to you (for :Example تمنِّياتي لك بالصِّحة والعافية. .My wishes to you for good health

مِنْ حُسْن الحَظّ/ لِحُسْنِ الحَظِّ [Min ḩusni al-ḩaz̧z̧; Li-ḩusni al-ḩaz̧z̧] Luckily; Fortunately

مِنْ حُسْنِ حَظِّهِ [Min ḩusni ḩaz̧z̧ih(i)] (Luckily (for him

مِنْ سوءِ الحَظّ/ لِسوءِ الحَظّ [Min sūʼi al-ḩaz̧z̧; Li-sūʼi al-ḩaz̧z̧] Unluckily; Unfortunately

مِنْ سوءِ حَظِّه [[Min sūʼi ḩaz̧z̧ihi] (Unluckily; Unfortunately (for him

حالَفَه الحَظّ/ أسْعَفَهُ الحَظّ. [ḩālafahu al-ḩaz̧z̧.] .He got lucky/ He lucked out

جَرَّبَ حَظَّهُ. [Jarraba ḩaz̧z̧ah(u).] He tried his luck.

ضَرْبَة حظّ [ḑarbatu ḩaz̧z̧] A stroke of luck

أتَمَنَّى لَكَ حَظّاً سَعِيداً. [ʼAtamanná laka ḩaz̧z̧an saʻīdan.]

(I wish you) Good Luck.

Did you know that يانصيب [Yanasīb] means: "lottery" in Arabic; Yanasīb= Yā يا (Vocative Particle: Oh) + nasīb (luck)= Literally meaning Oh Luck!

Lucky versus unlucky vocabulary:

(Notice that in English, happy سعيد means feeling joy or the state of being in joy etc; however, in Arabic there is a broader meaning to that, where "sa'eed" سعيد also means being in an overall good or healthy or pleasant state... Hence, it is also used for have a good/ pleasant night: ليلة سعيدة "laylah sa'eedah", and also for good luck: حظا سعيدا."

What's a stroke of luck in Arabic called?

The same word was sued above in different contexts. Examples: سَقَطَ المُلاكِمُ بالضَّربَةِ القاضِيَة. [Saqata al-mulākimu biď-ďarbati al-qāďiah.] The fighter has been knocked out. Literal: (The fighter fell down due to the finishing blow.] [ďarbah] here= knockout/ final hit or blow.

  1. لَمْ أَتَوَقَّعِ الفَوْز. كانَت ضَربةَ حَظّ. [Lam 'atawaqqa'i-l-fawz kānat ďarbata ḩaz̧z̧.] I did not expect to win. It was a stroke of luck. [ḑarbat ḩaz̧z̧] here= a stroke of luck

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