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"The Small Spider and the Four Seasons" Short Arabic Story in PDF with English Translation

Updated: Sep 25, 2019

The "Itsy Bitsy Spider" is a famous children's nursery rhyme, translated and sung in many languages across the world. Children are captivated with the story of the friendly looking spider who insists to go up the drain or rooftop, despite the rain pouring down. This rhyme has inspired me to write an Arabic short story about another itsy bitsy spider with the aim of teaching children about the four seasons in Arabic. The story English subtitles, vocalization, and translation, which makes it suitable for little learners and even beginners.

The small spider loves to climb up to the rooftop; however, every season brings a different challenge and causes him to fall down to the ground. Despite the misfortune, he is still determined to go up and hang around his favorite spot, at the rooftop. The plot takes the reader from one season to another, and one challenge to another.The language is simple, with important vocabulary, relevant to the subject of the seasons and weather; and the images are cheerful and entertaining. The story also comes in a PDF format, so you can easily download, read or print. It has English translation and Arabic pronunciation guides. (Just click the picture to open and save the file or simply click here! Note: no selling or altering of material allowed or relisting on another website without permission). Just click on the picture to download.

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For more Arabic short stories with English translation and pronunciation, click here, to read a previous blog post. For short stories in Arabic without English subtitles click here. You may also wish to browse the Downloads page for a wider selection of Arabic reading and learning resources for kids and beginners. Don't forget that reading to your child is a great way of learning a new language like Arabic, simply because it's a way of contextualizing and visualizing the language, in addition to hearing and learning new vocabulary. Persistence and repetition is key, so get into the habit of reading in Arabic as often as possible. The main goal behind "The Small Spider and the Four Seasons" and other stories I have composed, putting forward many hours of love and labor, is providing simple short reading material in Arabic with pronunciation guides and English translation. I had in mind non-native speakers especially, whether small children or beginners, or even parents wanting to learn Arabic along with their child.

Enjoy the free downloads. For more free Arabic learning and reading resources, check out our Stories and Downloads pages. Don't miss out on any new additions and free resources, subscribe to the blog (click subscribe from the main menu). And stay tuned by Liking our Facebook Page. It's the best way to stay in touch! Please feel free to share any ideas, comments or resources with other readers by leaving a comment below or emailing directly to the blog.


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