Warning Signs and Asking for Help in Arabic

Let's expand our vocabulary in Arabic, by learning from warning and caution signs that we regularly see in our environment. It is also vital to know the meaning of these words, even if you think you know what the image stands for, just in case. It is also equally important to know how to ask for help in Arabic, in case of an emergency.

Here is most of the most common signs. (Keep visiting back; new pictures will be added all the time! Got any quires or questions, please comment or e-mail and I will try my best to create the relevant learning content in Arabic. You decide the content, so please let me know!)

Let's touch base!

Not Permitted ⛔ and Permitted ✅ in Arabic. مَمْنوع: اسم المفعول من منَعَ Passive partciple from verb مَنَعَ

المَمْنوعُ مِنَ الصَّرْف (Al-mamnou'u mina as-sarf) diptote nouns that do not take nunation or Kasra vowel, but only Damma and Fatha.

مَمْنوعٌ المُرور (Mamnou'un al-murour) No way through

مَنْع (Man') Masdar/ verbal noun

مَنْعُ التَّجَوُّلِ (Man'u at-tajawwul) Curfew

مَنْعُ الْحَمْلِ (Man'u al-haml) Contraception

مَسْموح: اسم المفعول من سَمَحَ Passive participle from verb سَمَحَ

مَسْموحٌ بِه (Masmouhun bih) Something that is permitted or allowed

لا سمَح الله (Laa samaha Allah) God forbid

إذَا سَمَحْتَ (Izaa samaht) If you please (allow)/ Please