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All about Food and Eating Out in Arabic

Updated: Jul 13, 2020

Here is the most important vocabulary in Arabic about food, main meals, eating out, ordering food, saying you are hungry, hungry versus full, ordering coffee, tea and dessert, cooking, diet, as well as saying "Bonne Appetit" and a funny idiom!

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Dinner Table vocabulary in Arabic:

Saying you're hungry in Arabic:

أَنا جائِع!

[ʼAnā jā’iʻ!]

I’m hungry!

More vocabulary, about being hungry versus full in Arabic:

The three main meals in Arabic:

What's on the dinner table? What are the different meals or courses?

Note: Soup = حَساء / شُرْبَة / شورْبَة

ḩasāʼ/ shurbah/ shūrbah

All about drinks:

And now, for coffee lovers, ordering coffee in Arabic:

More for coffee lovers:

What are the different in Arabic of saying "I am drinking coffee"? There are many verbs and expressions, Arabic being a rich and expressive language:

"ʼAna ʼashrabu al-qahwah."

"ʼAna ʼaḩtasī al-qahwah."

"ʼAna ʼartashifu al-qahwah."

"ʼAna ʼatalazzazu bill-qahwah."

"ʼAna ʼatazawwaqu al-qahwah."

Ordering Tea:

Different kinds of tea (Black tea, Green tea, Herbal tea) + "Let's drink/have tea":

Ordering sweets/ dessert in Arabic:

What is diet called in Arabic, and what are the terms used for healthy food, losing weight, and maintaining weight?

How to say Bonne Appetit in Arabic?

Below: raw vs boiled, fried, grilled... ALso: Verb to cook: طَبَخَ țabakha طَها țahā

Food tastes:

[Kayfa țaʻmuhu?] كَيْفَ طَعْمُهُ؟ How does it taste? (Literal: How is its taste?)

[Ţaʻmuhu...] ...طَعْمُهُ It tastes ... [ʼInnahu...] ...إِنَّهُ It is... [Murr] مُرّ bitter

[țaʻm / madhāq] طَعم / مَذاق flavor / taste to negate: add "laysa", for example: لَيْسَ لذيذاً. Laysa ladhīdan It's not tasty. (*The word after Laysa is in the accusative case being the predicate of Laysa.)

Let's not forget the cooking action verbs and their verbal nouns:

Speaking about ingredients:

Here is an idiom using the verb to cook in Arabic: ţabkaha طَبَخَ

I hope the lesson was useful and enjoyable at the same time!

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