"I Love My Mommy", Children's Arabic Story Book for Download, a Simple Picture Book for Beginners

Updated: Sep 25, 2019

"I Love My Mommy" or "أحب أمي" is a short illustrated Arabic story in PDF format for beginners who are young at heart or kids in PDF format. It uses simple phrases to include every day action verbs and common phrases in Arabic. It also makes a sweet bedtime story for little ones, with Arabic learning as a main goal. The pictures are filled with interesting objects that can also encourage questions and engage interest to learn new vocabulary.

Enjoy the free PDF download by clicking here.

You can also get the free coloring, and word tracing and matching worksheets by clicking here.

I have also made the story into a YouTube video if you would like to watch it or listen to the Arabic vocalization:

Reading in Arabic can be a fun family activity. I have written in a previous post about the importance of reading in Arabic to your child, if you're trying to teach them the language. I mentioned how it can be an effective way for contextualizing and visualizing the language. I also brought to mind how young children learn languages first by listening and mimicking sounds, whereas reading and writing actually takes many years of schooling. Story telling can also be an intimate daily activity which brings you closer to your child, stirring their imagination and creating a special bond between the two of you.

When reading to a child, particularly a child who is learning a new language, read out loud and repeat. It is important to read